New on Pulsar: how CORE’s new Audience and Content Performance Insights can help you

Pulsar CORE Content Insights

We have recently given Pulsar CORE a revamp, following the introduction of owned-channel insights. Pulsar CORE’s owned insights now includes a whole host of new metrics and data analysis to allow you to better understand your audience and the impact of your content.   ‘But what can we do with this?’, we hear you cry. You can now analyze your followers with the new demographics tab and see who the top commenters are, whether they follow you or not. Track how your organic and promoted posts are performing and how users are seeing your content. You can also understand how your brand is measuring up against your competitors to see who is coming out on top.   Here’s an example...

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New on Pulsar: go deeper into your audience analysis

Pulsar's Audience Analysis tab showing demographics

Knowing how people discuss or engage with a topic is the first step into understanding your audience. After this, comes the “who” part – finding out exactly who these people are, their demographic traits and interests, and how you can best understand what motivates them. Our audience analysis on Pulsar now allows you to do just that. You can profile a brand’s organic audience; profile the audience that talks about a specific topic; the audience that shares specific content; or the audience that follows certain accounts. And Pulsar can help you achieve this by providing you with the following metrics: Demographics of the users engaged in the conversation: their gender; their location (country and city), and the language they speak....

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New on Pulsar: introducing search cloning on Pulsar TRAC


  As a Pulsar TRAC user, sometimes you will find yourself having to repeat the same search strategy across different brands and categories. This can be frustrating, especially when you just don’t have the time and all you want to do is to quickly arrive to an insight. So, following feedback from clients, Pulsar has now introduced the ability to clone TRAC searches (above). Pulsar believes it’s key to provide the right tools that help simplify the analysis process and make it easier and quicker for clients to conduct their research. Search cloning is a simple yet powerful functionality, which reduces the time needed to set up a search on TRAC. You can use cloning as a foundation or a...

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New on Pulsar: improved image performance analysis and image text recognition

Image analysis on Pulsar

A natural shift in digital marketing and advertising has seen an increase in utilization of images. However, providing the technology for image analysis at scale has been a major challenge. This is a problem for agency and brand teams, especially when they are trying to gauge who has taken notice of their content and images during a campaign. Pulsar are always trying help solve problems like this through innovation and use of AI. Today we’re introducing an improved and ever more accurate image text recognition service, as well as an image performance through Pulsar TRAC.     Image Text Recognition Pulsar TRAC’s Image Text Recognition module detects and recognizes text within images. The platform identifies any text contained in an image...

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New on Pulsar: Platform Launch Pad

Pulsar Platform Launch Pad

‘Tis the season to be jolly and today at Pulsar we’ve come bearing gifts. We’re delighted to be releasing a new Platform Launch Pad, plus a Creative tab on CORE, giving you a nice early holiday present.   The Platform Launch Pad As we add new products and build integrations between them, Pulsar is evolving as a platform. As with any platform, it serves multiple use cases and it has become more and more important to give you better tools to decide what to use and when. To show our full range of services, when you open Pulsar you’ll now both see products that you own and ones you are not yet subscribed to; as well as brand new, innovative tools that we...

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New on Pulsar: CORE Creative tab

Competitor comparison on the Pulsar CORE Creative tab

If one gift wasn’t enough, we’ve got a second Pulsar product update coming your way just before the holidays. As well as our new Platform Launch Pad we’re introducing the Pulsar CORE Creative Tab!     Say you wanted to understand how to create the best content. Not unusual. You would need to know the media format, what copy you should use, the images that work best for you and how you measure up to your competitors. To give you better tools to quickly arrive at a creative insight, we have added a Creative tab to the Contents section of CORE. There are three sections of the CORE creative tab, and two new features we’d like to draw your attention...

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New on Pulsar: Spot the Heroes from the Villains with a Glimpse of the Screen

CORE New Content Tagging

Today on Pulsar CORE we are releasing a sleeker content dashboard, showcasing all the data you need in one advanced view. Creativity can be used to solve problems that are not always in black and white, it’s what fuels the answers to questions that hang out in the grey area of life. Unfortunately, creativity can be like a small child trying to put out a fire using a fireman’s hose, one uncontrolled mess that was never aligned to fixing the problem at hand. Being able to analyse problems helps pave the way for creative thinking to follow and apply the correct solution. Best and Worst Performing Posts At Pulsar we understand that being able to measure the performance of your...

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How the City Lodge Hotel Group found its audience through Pulsar


Pulsar works with agencies and brands worldwide. This week, marketing agency DigitLab from South Africa shares how they use Pulsar to help understand their clients’ audiences and help make a positive impact on their business. Reagan Gasa, Head of Research at DigitLab, explains how they’ve successfully grown a more engaged social media community for one of their clients using Pulsar: “As a full service digital marketing agency, we often work with brands that operate in a highly competitive space. And when that happens, we need a tool that provides insights that can add value in real-time; to support the content creating teams as well as the community managers for that brand”. Reagan Gasa-Head of Research at Digitlab A recent example...

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Social Q&A: #5 Potential vs actual impressions


In this series, our Head of Account Management Jamie Watson addresses frequently asked questions about audience intelligence platform Pulsar. Whether you’re a frequent Pulsar user or still evaluating a social media research platform for purchase, Jamie’s tips, tricks and useful info aim to highlight what to look out for. This week I’d like to provide a topline refresher of one of the more prominent metrics available on CORE and TRAC: impressions! Impressions Impressions are the number of times a post has been displayed in a timeline, whether the post is clicked or not. In other words, it’s an estimate of how many times people have most likely seen or been exposed to a piece of content. They are a standard reporting metric used within digital...

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Social Q&A: #4 Why you need to know about historical previews


In this series, our Head of Account Management Jamie Watson addresses frequently asked questions about audience intelligence platform Pulsar. Whether you’re a frequent Pulsar user or still evaluating a social media research platform for purchase, Jamie’s tips, tricks & useful info aim to highlight what to look out for. After discussing the breakdown of historical data per source a few posts ago, today’s topic is all about the data previews that you see before you hit the launch button to actually run your historic search. Basically, it’s a graph showing you what to expect in terms of data volume without actually pulling in any data. So what’s the deal with these previews and why are they important? Firstly, there are a...

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