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What to expect from the 2016 WIRED Retail event


WIRED Retail returns on 16 November in London to showcase the thinkers, technology and tools that will shape the future of the retail industry. Introducing innovators that are building the future of commerce, the event will be challenging the fundamental assumptions about the retail supply chain – from distribution centers to the shop floor cheap girls air jordan 7. The event will cover topics as diverse as frictionless payments, virtual reality, 3D printing, drone delivery, blockchain and personalisation. Pulsar will also be at WIRED retail tomorrow as exhibitors. Come find us to learn more about how we can help you understand and talk to your audiences. What you’ll take away from the event: – How retail will move into the digital age...

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Podcast: A Social Check-up for Pharma with Pulsar and Ogilvy Healthworld


Together with Ogilvy Healthworld, Pulsar recently released The Social Check-Up, a report that looks at how the top 20 pharma companies use social media. Interest so far has been great, with Get Social Health being the most recent healthcare publication focusing on the report. Pulsar’s Research Manager Sameer Khan, who was involved with the data collection and analysis of The Social Check-Up, joined Ogilvy last week to record a podcast for Get Social Health, that looks at the methods and thinking behind the report. This podcast is now available to listen to on Sameer (Sam) said after the recording: “What’s particularly interesting is how pharma compares to other industries; which are perhaps more mature at engaging their online audience. The activity of pharma companies...

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Join Pulsar at WIRED 2016


Renowned for bringing together ideas and innovation to help define the future, WIRED’s events are designed to deliver insights into what’s coming next. Pulsar are proud to be taking part as exhibitors at their 2-day event in London, on 3-4 November. So, what can you expect from the event – outside from meeting up with Pulsar to hear how we can help you improve your marketing through our software & research solutions? It’s a pretty beefy programme, with the first day of features looking at stories of human ambition, lessons from entrepreneurs, innovation in the displaced world and ground-breaking artists. The second day delivers a guest session from XPRIZE, a VR showcase, creativity from India and insights from the founders...

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Join Pulsar at the SRA conference on Social Media Research #NSMNSS


On October 11th, the SRA (Social Research Association) and #NSMNSS (New Social Media, New Social Science) will host a conference titled ‘An Introduction to Tools for Social Media Research’ in London, where Pulsar will be presenting. The conference will look at how tools can be used to analyze data from a range of social media platforms. Both quantitative and qualitative social media analysis techniques will be covered using text, network and geographical analysis, as well as image analysis – which is where Pulsar will share their expertise. Pulsar’s advanced image analysis can understand the context of an image Image analysis is becoming increasingly important in social media analysis: through digitalization and the universality of smartphones, they shape our culture more than ever. Pulsar’s VP of Product...

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Cat people vs dog people, explained by Facebook

US dog cat data visualisation

Well this one sent the office into a frenzy: Facebook’s research team recently reported on the behaviours and affinities underlying dog people compared to cat people. Using a data sample of 160,000 Facebook users, who all shared stories of dogs and cats online, the research team were able to unlock some precious insights into – let’s be honest here – the only factor that splits humankind in two distinct groups. So. What did they find out? Dog people are more popular Like their extroverted pets, dog people make more connections online and, on average, have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people. Having said this, cat people get invited to more events. Another nugget: cat and dog people roughly check in to the same number of...

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#SnapChart: Beauty is a big deal on social media in Italy

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 17.26.53

In 2015, the beauty and personal care market in Italy experienced a significant growth in production, sales and exports. We decided to have a look at the social side of this industrious passion for pampering using Pulsar – and found that Italians love talking about beauty and personal care online, too. The first thing we found was that discussion around personal care in Italy mostly happens during ‘me time’: those hours in the day that appear to allow for more personal focus. Work breaks like lunch time, and evenings after work are the most popular times of the day for posting pictures online and talking about beauty and personal care. Looking at the demographic breakdown of Italian beauty and personal...

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Infographic: Make smarter marketing decisions with Facebook topic data

Pulsar Facebook topic data

With over a billion active users spending more than 46 minutes a day on Facebook, Facebook topic data is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to find out more about their audience. Allowing for greater insights, Facebook topic data gives us more detailed topic information about an audience’s likes and dislikes; including events, brands, subject and activities. All in a way that keeps personal information private, marketers can get a full and actionable view of their audience.Below you’ll find a sheet showing you how Facebook Topic Data can help you understand your audiences. ­­­­   If you want to see the power of Pulsar for yourself, or you have a social media research brief you’d like us to have a...

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#SnapChart: Do your age and gender dictate what car brands you talk about online?

MRS Automotive Research

Who talks about cars the most on social media? You might assume it’s teenagers passionately sharing photos of their dream wheels, but actually, it’s the 25-34 age group that’s generating the most conversation about automotive online. It’s very likely this coincides with career progression and the subsequent freedoms that come with having a disposable income – causing discussion around practicalities and giving or seeking advice on car purchases, rather than dreaming publicly about the latest sports model that goes from 1 to 80 in 5 seconds flat. The 35-44 age group follow closely as the second largest group discussing cars, demonstrating that this market really is dominated by a younger audience. The combination of changing income and shifting needs (try...

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Did you know… Pulsar understands content in 175 languages?

Our excellent customer support team deal with clients’ requests on a daily basis – this means they can easily identify reoccurring themes and issues. One of the most frequently asked questions is on which languages Pulsar understands. We thought it’d be good to clarify theses terms in a couple simple infographics, see below: If you want to see the power of Pulsar for yourself, or you have a social media research brief you’d like us to have a look at, please send an email to: