Webinar: Towards an hypothesis-driven insights approach to social media analysis

You won’t get good answers unless you’re asking good questions! For some reason in social media research this simple fact has been overlooked for a long time, often leading to noisy datasets, time consuming analysis and ultimately weaker insights.

And the introduction of privacy-first data sources like Facebook and LinkedIn which offer unprecedented access to data that’s aggregated and anonymised, has made the need for better questions more pressing then ever.

In response to this shift a new research approach is emerging. Join us for an inspirational webinar hosted by our VP, Francesco D’Orazio, as he talks us through how to use social data to validate specific research hypothesis.


Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d)

This webinar will cover the steps to implement a hypothesis driven approach:

  • How to turn an insight, creative or media brief into a research hypothesis
  • How to translate the hypothesis into a series of audience signals to map moments, behaviours, attitudes and opinions
  • How to use those signals to craft insights that validate or disprove the original hypothesis or drive completely new insights/hypothesis

Register here and join us on the 12th of April at 5:00pm GMT/UTC to discover the pathway towards a world of insights, starting at your brand’s digital doorstep.