Pulsar New Starter: Tom Clark

Meet Tom Clark. Pulsar’s new marketing manager and horror movie enthusiast. Get to know Pulsar’s marketing wiz a little more in detail below:


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Tell us, what have you been up until now?

For the past seven years I’ve been enjoying the ever-shifting world of digital marketing, working in SEO, PR, social media, copywriting, content marketing and marketing automation. Having previously lived in Stoke, Manchester and Leeds, before making the move to London 2 years ago, I’m a recovering Northerner who pronounces certain words weirdly. Most recently I was working at an adtech company as Head of Digital.

What’s been the most interesting job you’ve had before you found a career at Pulsar?

Probably working within PR – there’s something a bit humbling about seeing an idea come to fruition and appear in print!

Finally, when you take over the world with Pulsar, what will be the first decision you make?

That everyone should have their own owl. I was livid when Labour backtracked on that promise.

Quirky Question Round

1. Which cartoon character would you fight?

Scrappy Doo.


Doesn’t everyone?

2. Favourite all-girl band?

All Saints.


Never Ever, Black Coffee, Pure Shores, need I list any more?

3. What movie title best describes of your life?



It’s my life. (I should also add that I’m not a killer clown though).

4. Which two animals would you combine to make one super-animal and what would you name it?

Squid and a turtle.


To distress pokemon fans everywhere.

5. Most impressive thing you’ve ever done?

I have absolutely no idea. I won a Bake off competition last year. That was pretty good.


I don’t really like baking.


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