Pulsar New Starter: Deanna Conoscenti

Meet Deanna Conoscenti, the newest member of the Pulsar family. Deanna has joined Pulsar as part of our Inside Sales team.

So diving into the mind of the mind of Deeney (yes that’s me referring to myself by my nickname in the third person, it happens, it’s a thing): I am a gym junkie and certified Personal Trainer, I love photography and I dabble in a bit of soccer (football) on the weekends (when it’s warm). I hail from North Carolina and have been living in London for a year. Its a bit colder than the beaches from home, and a lot less sunny (swallows sadness) but there is so much to do and its an incredible hub for a quick weekend trip to most places in Europe (I can honestly say I have not been bored once in the entire year I’ve lived here)! I recently went sailing around the islands of Croatia this past summer and waking up on a sailing yacht in the middle of the Adriatic Sea every morning was a scene that can’t be beat! What inspires me to work the most, is my hypothetical future dog; wanting to be the person they think I am; oh and coffee.




Tell us what brought you to Pulsar?

Coming from a Medical Device Sales role, I didn’t have much knowledge about social media listening, however, I’ve grown up with social media and seen it rise to become integral to business. I wanted to immerse myself not only in the realm, but also in a company where the employees thoroughly enjoyed coming to work and believed in the product they sold. So with some strategic thinking and a very specific Google search of “Best London based start up cultures”, I was naturally guided towards Pulsar!

What draws you to market research/social media listening?

I believe research is vital for a successful business and social media is a huge inlet for them to gain an understanding of their audience. I know it will only grow in importance and I’m excited to be a part of the fast-paced industry and grow with it!

What are you most looking forward to learning and achieving in your new role?

I’m really looking forward to getting new clients to understand just how much they are actually reaching their audiences, or how much they could be. I’m also excited to be working alongside such an enthusiastic and diverse group of people while I grow in my role at Pulsar!

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