Catch Pulsar at this year’s Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry Conference

SMi is proud to present the return of their 9th annual Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference, and guess who’ll be there bright eyed and bushy tailed… US!

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By 2017, health revenue is expected to reach $26 billion and social media is now at the forefront of global communication, which is why it makes more sense than ever before to know who the individuals sitting in front of the computer screen are.

What do they like? What are their values? What are they saying? What tone are they using? How do they feel about certain topics? All these questions can be answered by Pulsar, and the answers allow you to understand your target audience better than ever before. This makes it not only easier develop a real connection with your audience but identify trends and challenges that you can use to generate love for your brand.

Catch Pulsar’s very own Senior Business Development Executive Rob Hill  – drop him a line if you’d like to meet up.

Besides the ever-excellent Rob being there, you also get the added benefit of:

  • Learning about cutting-edge developments in identifying influencers around the globe.
  • Speaking with key opinion leaders such as; CEO and founder of One 15 Julie O Donnel, European Lead for the Digital Centre of Excellence with Pfizer Scott Gavin and many more as they explain the advancements of social media in pharma, digital marketing and the many benefits social listening and how to implement them.
  • Finding out how social media is being used in crisis management.
  • Hearing from regulatory bodies on how to work successfully within the guidelines.

To find about how the top 20 Pharma companies use social media to their advantage click for our Social Check-Up report in partnership with Ogilvy Healthworld here – or perhaps you’re interested in how we tracked Flu on social media. Otherwise, drop us a line at

Find Rob there on the 18th and 19th of January, tickets and details available here.


Kyle Ryan