Catch Pulsar at ARF 2017 in the Big Apple

Insight changes everything, and that’s why the ARF Annual Conference (aka Re!Think) will be our next destination, as we find ourselves among the world’s insights, analytics and marketing leaders. The event will be sure to provide a healthy dose of discovery, networking and inspiration into different business realms. Gain first hand access to carefully curated and original research — these actionable truths will meet past, present and future challenges.


Taking place on the 20th and 21st of March at the New York Hilton Midtown, Pulsar will join some of the most innovative business minds from across the globe. Companies from different sectors will all come together under one roof, discussing what’s become the key to finding these business opportunities through insights. Next to gaining exclusive access to industry-winning case studies and original research, we’ll be there discussing how our platform can unlock new insights to develop and measure great creative and implement new strategies.




Pulsar is one of the industry leaders in audience intelligence, as we understand behind every post, like and share there is an insight into not only the way we connect, but the way we behave. Our platform unravels these insights with data that’s visual and easy to read, offering solutions to business challenges that are not just in black and white. Register for this industry spectacle here and meet our head of retention for the USA, Kristina Follett (@Kfollett21) there to gain the upper hand with the best insights driven platform.


If you simply cannot wait to talk until then, drop us a mail and we’ll get the audience intelligence ball moving with our innovative platform. If you really can’t make it, we’ve got you covered, follow @Pulsar_social on Twitter to get live updates during the event.


Kyle Ryan