Pulsar New Starter: Martyna Olejniczak

In our latest blog, meet Martyna Olejniczak.  Learn more about this chocolate enthusiast and Dirty Dancing fan below as she joins us as the newest member of the Pulsar family, and forms part of our inside sales team. Get to know this interesting character a little more below:


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Tell us, what have you been up until now?

I was an estate agent. Driving people around in my mini chatting about British weather and their lives, trying to convince them that the house I’m showing is exactly what they need. When they bought enough houses from me, I decided to take myself on holiday and quit. Went to Cambodia, Thailand, some pretty amazing places. And here I am, back to reality. No more British weather chat (well it’s unavoidable but there is a lot less of it).

What’s been the most interesting job you’ve had before you found a career at Pulsar?

Organising business trips for Bangladeshi businessmen with my friend and joining them on the holidays while they galavanted, can you even call it working?

Finally, when you take over the world with Pulsar, what will be the first decision you make?

I loved our pancake day at Pulsar. What a great way to start a day, so pancake day every day.

Quirky Question Round

1. Which cartoon character would you fight?

Peter Griffin from Family Guy.


Because he sings ‘Bird is the word’ too much.

2. Favourite all-girl band?

Destiny’s Child.


Beyonce, does that even need an explanation?

3. What movie title best describes of your life?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


It should be called ‘Martyna and the Chocolate Factory’. A day without chocolate is not a good day.

4. Which two animals would you combine to make one super-animal and what would you name it?

Koala bear and a pug; Pugoala


Super. Cute.

5. Most impressive thing you’ve ever done?

I can do 5 consecutive pirouettes (well could do).


I really wanted to became a professional dancer. I guess it comes down to watching to much Dirty Dancing.

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Kyle Ryan