SnapChart: Italy really loves to spread Nutella on everything

At Pulsar, discovering behavioural insights is part of our daily work. So far, we’ve shared insight on when people book their holidays, what car brands are the most discussed, and who’s driving conversation around PAD.

With Italy being famed for its food (and food culture), we decided to see what types of food Italian’s are talking about on social media. Firstly, we compared topics of conversations between genders, which revealed that Italian men and women have their own preferences but share an equal love for vegetables.

Italy food nutella social media

We then discovered that men live up to the gender stereotype as being meat heads – but not by that much, through discussing meat 7% more than women. Women, on the other hand, appear to have a bigger sweet tooth – sharing their thoughts on desserts 12% more than their gender counterparts.

Talking of having a sweet tooth, Italy is huge on Nutella. They love the chocolate spread so much it’s talked about over 20,000 times on social media every week.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 13.02.46

Nutella dominates food discussion as it fits many food moments. Italians can conjure up any excuse to find a reason to use Nutella – it’s for spreading, cooking, snacking, filling, topping – everything!

And if this wasn’t enough, conversations around the chocolate spread increase by 74% on Valentine’s Day.

italy loves nutella on valentine's day

Who’d have thought Italian’s needed another excuse to talk about their beloved chocolate spread, but on the day of Valentine’s they really do fall in love all over again. What’s this special relationship Italians have with Nutella? Hard to say, but it’s definitely an Italian story: Nutella was created in Italy as a substitute for coca supplies due to a shortage following World War II, it has since grown to become a national food treasure and enjoyed the world over.

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Ed Hawes