Pulsar launches ‘Dashboard’, the social insights magazine for the automotive industry

Today, we’ve launched ‘Dashboard’, Pulsar’s brand new quarterly insights magazine relevant to the Automotive industry.

The magazine looks at how social media intelligence is helping shape the Automotive industry, and includes in-depth analysis on the Fortune 500’s top 10 car brands and their digital audiences across Europe.

Follow this link to download your free issue of Dashboard magazine.

Dashboard: Automotive magazine

Find out which sole car brand has more women talking about it than men, what the true impact was of #Dieselgate on consumer trust, and much more on car brands and how they are perceived online.

All insights were derived by our in-house research team using Pulsar’s Automotive tracker: an automated data tracker that continuously pulls in information on car brands and their performance online.

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Monthly and quarterly reports will be available through a subscription model. Better yet, car brands and agencies can also subscribe to the full Automotive tracker, allowing them to find their own insights in real-time when they want to

Follow this link to download your free issue of Dashboard magazine.

Want to know more about how you can get insights like those in Dashboard, or you’re interested in the Automotive tracker. Send an email to: [email protected]

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