Introducing Pulsar Health: Real-time insight & analysis for the healthcare industry

We’ve just launched Pulsar Health, focusing specifically on those working in marketing for the health and pharmaceutical industries. Pulsar Health supports your marketing decisions by giving real-time, 360º views into what patients and health care professionals think and feel, using unique data sources, intuitive analysis and world-leading data science.

Pulsar Health

Pulsar Health helps you stay ahead of the game by going far beyond the capabilities of traditional social listening tools.

Pulsar Health allows you to gain better insight into the healthcare industry in three ways:

  • Understand your audience of Health Care Patients (HCP) and patients
  • Understand the landscape of a therapy area
  • Evaluate campaigns & benchmark brand health

Our audience builder can help you identify HCP and specific patient groups worldwide. This allows you to segment your audience and understand behavioural insights, to make your communications more targeted.

We are able to provide oversight into all public social media, news, and forums, which allows you to get closer to any therapy area globally. This enables you to make better informed decisions and get your message heard to the relevant audience.

Pulsar Health’s brand metrics allows you to understand what drives success from your own channels in context of your competition.

Introducing Pulsar Health

We’re really excited to be able to streamline our service for the healthcare industry. Here’s two examples of how our health clients have attained valuable insight by harnessing the power of Pulsar:

Department of Health

“Pulsar quickly helped us spot public concerns on Ebola”

We helped DoH monitor changes in public concern around the spread of Ebola. The government organisation had an alert system which informed their PR teams of changes in discussion and sentiment through 24/7 analysis.

The Pulsar research team sent weekly reports to DoH, who were able to gain valuable audience insights and identify influencers, which ensured they communicated up-to-date information to the public.

Food Standards Agency

“We now have an 80% accuracy rate in predicting outbreaks the following week – that’s so much higher than we expected” 

The Food Standards Agency have been a Pulsar client for the past 18 months after they found correlations between the Norovirus on Twitter and lab reports.

If this has made you curious about the potential Pulsar Health can offer your organisation, we’ve got an entire section dedicated to it on the website – just follow this link.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see a demo of Pulsar Health or download the media pack, send an email to:

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