New Pulsar feature: Better filters to find exactly the data you want

Pulsar new filters for social media data analytics

Alongside our big release this week – geolocalised searches for content only from the exact countries you want – we’ve made a couple of improvements to Pulsar’s filters that we wanted to tell you about too.

Pulsar’s data filters are already the smartest out there, letting you query your data by audience (who’s talking? Search by bio) as well as influence, location and keywords. In this release we’ve made them even better with 2 handy little edits:

1. Better filters for countries and languages

In the filters panel, we’ve introduced the ability to exclude languages and countries (not just include them), just like you can with authors.

Pulsar social media monitoring country filtersSee that little ‘minus’ symbol next to France? That means “exclude”. So this filter will bring back data from anywhere that’s specified in your search set up options – but then hide any messages from France.

Use Exclude Country to exclude Unknown location content, or exclude one market (in the screenshot above, France) if you’re tracking a multi-market set.

Just click on the symbol to toggle between include country and exclude country options.

2. Edit Saved Filters

Not much we can say about this one – it’s a small change but a nifty little one. You can now edit saved filters, so you don’t have to save them again under a new name if you make any changes.

The screenshot below shows you how it’ll look in the Filters toolbar:

Pulsar social media monitoring data filter tools


We hope you find these little tweaks useful.

If you have any questions about how to use this feature, contact your Account Manager – email

Or read up on our main feature release this week: Geolocalised Searches, giving you data only from the exact countries you want.

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