January Transfer Deadline Day on Twitter Network Timelapse

Last week, we shared with you our analysis of the buzz generated on Twitter during Transfer Day Deadline (the last day of the period in which a European football club can transfer players to and from other clubs into their playing staff).

As one of Twitter’s biggest events of the year in Europe, 2014’s Transfer Day Deadline generated almost 2 million Tweets and involved 1.1 million football fans discussing the 20 Premiere League clubs.

To capture the dynamics of the day we’ve animated the network visualisations producing a timelapse video showing how the conversation evolved over 22 hours, from 1AM to 11PM on Friday the 31st of January. The visualisation shows which clubs were discussed the most and when and what transfers drove more engagement at what point during the day.

Each ‘node’ or circle represents one Tweet, and its size represents its visibility. Visibility is a Pulsar proprietary algorithm that takes into account the nature of the Tweet, the reach of the Tweet, and the engagement it generated in terms of replies, favourites and retweets. The colour of the node represents the team that a Tweet relates to. The players’ names fading in and out are scaled based on the total number of mentions that specific transfer received while they appear and disappear according to the time of the day when the story goes viral (measured as the story touching a Velocity of more than 33 Tweets/minute) .

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